Welcome to coodio.com.
Glad you popped by. Shall we take a little tour and get to know each other?
You can't trust everything adverts say, and you can't take granted what is written in the label. Now what you can trust is combined data of real customer experiences – no strings attached. Honest opinions by real customers, just like you. Coodio reveals the good, the bad and the ugly in the world of products.

Too good to be true? Nope. That's what Coodio is all about.

It's a fun, game like mobile service that gives you meaningful product information. Scan a barcode and find out what others think about it. Let the product tell you whether it's better than the one right next to it. Find tips and interesting people or take part in Hunts and win prizes.

Coodio is a wiki of products. It utilizes a user generated database, to which anyone can add products and rate them. Simple as that. It's fun, it's easy, it's free – and it makes your life as a consumer a tad easier.
By scanning the barcode of a product you can rate it, and instantly see what others think about it. Let them know this coffee tastes amazing, as well as that other brand has a strange aroma of an old sock.
Ingenious, don’t you think? View ratings, tips and how many times the product has been spotted. Follow other users to discover new products spotted by like-minded people.
If you love it, spot it! To earn a True Fan status, spot the same product on five different days. The most active user gets a Product Mayor status. Picture yourself as the Mayor of that brand of chocolate crunch cereal you simply can’t resist.
But don’t get too excited – let’s finish the tour first!
Check out which products are trending now, and what new products other users have added. ”Oh, my friend just bought a can of that new soda. I wonder whether it’s really as good as they claim...”
Did you think you couldn’t get anything out of this? Almost got you there! You can win prizes by spotting hidden products. Brands can launch Product Hunt campaigns to reward users for spotting their product. Yeah, spot it. Spot it real good.
Getting your weekly groceries can be such a dull chore at times, so why not make a game of it? Collect points by spotting products and earn trophies when reaching a new level. But don’t forget the milk.
What a ride. So, I take that we are acquainted now? It was nice to meet you and I hope we’ll be seeing a lot of each other from now on :-)

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Do you want it? I know you do. Coodio is available for iPhone and iPad from the App Store.

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If you prefer a different brand, don’t worry: Coodio will soon be available for other smartphones too.